Pit Pee Wee

Ages 3-6

Children will be taught basic striking, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and fitness skills, while focusing on improving their listening, and motor skills. Pit Pee Wee focuses on reinforcing positive discipline. Kids will learn these skills in a safe, playful, and positive setting.

Pit Kids

Pit Kids B = ages 7-9

Pit Kids A = ages 10-14

This class will allow kids to learn leadership skills and a variety of mixed martial arts (Hawaiian Kempo) such as groundwork, takedowns, striking, and self defense techniques. They will learn respect, self discipline, and confidence while becoming physically fit, all while having fun.

Hawaiian Kempo


This program is designed for those interested in achieving a Pit Blackbelt, learning self defense, or competing in grappling/striking bouts. Mitt work and partner drills/sparring is incorporated into the ever evolving curriculum as well. Students begin in Hawaiian Kempo B and advance to Hawaiian Kempo A when their instructor feels they are ready.

Pit Jitsu


If you want to literally get your hands on somebody – try Pit Jitsu. Pit Jitsu teaches you grappling skills – whether it be wrestling, judo, or jiu jitsu. Class incorporates a technique and drills and some open mat time. You are sure to learn new things while getting a great workout in!



Fusing The Pit and CrossFit, legendary fight trainer John Hackleman has given birth to a uniquely effective strategy for MMA fight training called “CrossPit.”  Merging old school training, attitude, power, and discipline with cutting-edge, scientific and results-oriented techniques, CrossPit is a dynamic, program designed to give you the same flexibility, speed, strength, power and endurance of today’s best MMA fighters.  Whether you’re an elite fighter, busy mother, or working professional looking for something unique, effective, fun, and functional, CrossPit is for you!

Pit Yoga

All ages

Pit Yoga is not your slow, boring, new age hippie yoga. Pit Yoga is a low impact, but challenging, workout that will help with your flexibility and strength building. It is great for those that are seasoned at Yoga or beginners who have never taken a Yoga class in their life! You can use Pit Yoga as a warm up or cool down to your normal workout, or do the entire class to get a full workout. No other Yoga studio offers this type of flexibility to fit your current fitness regimen! Pit Yoga is a total body workout and can help enhance your Pit, Crossfit, or any other type of workouts you already do. It is also a great starting point for those that are beginning to get back into shape again or feel they might not be ready for regular CrossPIT classes. Whatever the case, Pit Yoga is for everyone! 

Massage by Kelly Meyers

Kelly Meyers is not only one of our excellent CrossPit instructors and runs the Pit Yoga classes – she also is a licensed massage therapist. Check out her website http://www.healingfists.com/  if you or a loved one is in need of an awesome massage!