Pit Pee Wee

Ages 3-6 (45 mins). Children will be taught basic striking, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and fitness, while focusing on improving their listening, and motor skills. Pit Pee Wee focuses on reinforcing discipline but in a safe and positive setting.

Pit Kids

Pit Kids B = ages 7-9 & Pit Kids A = ages 10-14 (both are 1 hour long). This class will allow kids to learn leadership skills and a variety of mixed martial arts (Hawaiian Kempo) such as groundwork, takedowns, striking, and self defense techniques. They will learn respect, self discipline, and confidence while becoming physically fit on their way to a Pit Jr. Blackbelt.

Hawaiian Kempo

Teens/Adults (1 hour). After being enrolled in our CrossPit class, you have the option of taking your learning to a new level! Hawaiian Kempo is designed for those interested in achieving a Pit Blackbelt, learning self defense, sparring, or competing in grappling/striking bouts. Partner drills are incorporated into the ever evolving curriculum. Students begin in CrossPit, move to Hawaiian Kempo B, then advance to Hawaiian Kempo A when their instructor feels they are ready. If you are in CrossPit talk to your instructor on how to get into Hawaiian Kempo!


Teens/Adults (1 hour). Our most popular class, CrossPit is a dynamic  program designed to get you in shape fusing heavy bag work and boot camp style workouts. CrossPit does NOT perform traditional olympic lifting, rather, it incorporates lots of cardio in a non competitive atmosphere. We also have the following CrossPit specialty classes:

  • CrossPit Blitz (30 mins bag work followed by 30 mins optional workout) – Gloves on, bow in, non stop bagwork and bodyweight movements. Good for those that want a quick cardio burn or may be too timid for the hour long CrossPit class.

  • CrossPit Strong (20 mins lift/strength followed by 20-30 mins of optional bagwork) – Heavy lifts to improve power and muscle endurance. Not necessarily olympic barbell lifts but good for those that want to improve strength using non traditional movements.

  • CrossPit Mitts (1 hour mitt work incorporated with bodyweight and/or partner movements) – Partner mitt work to focus on technique, accuracy, and a different cardio burn than normal bag work. Good for those that want to focus on technique and cardio.

**You must RSVP in advance for all classes through our Mindbody Connect app**


Old School is a non traditional workout that may involve off site workouts and hikes (advanced notice will be given). Not recommended for your first class.

Open Mat is grappling and sparring for current Pit Members and is invite only.

Solo Mat is for current Pit Members to make up a missed workout on their own. This is unsupervised and an additional fee to your tuition; it does NOT replace your normal classes and payment. Inquire with a Pit Staff Member about upgrading to include Solo Mat to your membership!

Also ask about our Birthday Parties, School Bullying Seminars, Workplace Team Bonding / Weight Loss Challenge, Women’s Self Defense Clinics, Fundraisers, and Private Lessons.